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An Africa cruise is an adventure that will leave you captivated at the continent's beauty.

Experience some of the greatest sights in Africa. Explore the ruins of ancient kingdoms and learn about tribal cultures. Visit the wine country of South Africa, or watch the sun sink over the plains of Kenya after a day on safari.

Relax on unspoiled sun-soaked beaches visit beautiful parks, sidewalk cafes and restaurants. Explore the markets of Casablanca, shop for diamonds in Namibia, Journey through the Suez Canal to Egypt and discover the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the extraordinary antiquities in Cairo's museums.

With its combination of rich history, distinct cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, extraordinary wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful beaches and abundant of sunshine all year round Africa is a once in a life time destination.

Visiting Africa without taking an African cruise is missing an important part of the experience. For Africa cruise discounts use our Online Search which contains hundreds of African cruise deals.