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A world cruise is a voyage that spans the globe, a cruise to more than 27 nations on five continents and to an endless array of wondrous sights. Wind through the jewels of French Polynesia. Navigate New Zealand's glacier-carved fjords. Discover Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the forbidden palaces and fabled landscapes of China. There are buddhas in Bangkok, bazaars in Hong Kong, and a blend of colonial ways and modern-day wealth in Singapore. Visit Delhi, Jaipur and the glorious Taj Mahal. Explore the tombs and temples of the Valley of Kings. Then embark on a dazzling Mediterranean odyssey from the grandeur of Greece to the glory of Rome, and wrap it all up with a leisurely passage to Fort Lauderdale across the warm waters of the equatorial Atlantic.

Continents of wonders, fully revealed, are awaiting you throughout Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. Or transcend time and place by traveling from one corner of the world to another, all on one glorious cruise.

A World Voyage is not a vacation. It's a lifetime experience like no other. It's a journey of thousands of miles and scores of countries-from world capitals teeming with activity to isolated island havens. And it's a dream come true for destination collectors. You will see the world in all its wonder as you experience the very best cruising has to offer.

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